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Can't Calm Down Lyrics

Remo – Can't Calm Down Lyrics

Can’t come down,
Can’t go now,
And down

Can’t come down!
I’ve been running around for days!
24 hours a day,
Party at night and day!
And still can’t calm down,
People tell me I’m crazy!
But there not far because,
I can’t calm down
I work 8 hours a day,
And should sleep 16 hours but,
I party all day and night,
Which means,
I can’t calm down,
I can’t calm down!

[Verse 1]
Hit Here,
Long here,
“I know the way! ”
“Bring me there, ” I say
“Okay, ” She say
“We Take! ”


[Verse 2]
Can’t calm down,
I got it, (I got it)
You know, (I know)
Party, (Party)
All Night, (All night, away)
Party, (Party)
All Night!

[Verse 3]
“Why have you not slept! ”
“Why are you so inept! ”
“Why have you not spazzed! ”
“Why have you not calmed down! ”

[Verse 4]
I’m sorry, I can’t calm down,
I really have to take it down,
I kind of, can’t calm down,
And I wanna, do it now!


[Verse 5]
“I knew you bad boy! ”
“You blurted it out! ”
“Now I hate you! ”
“And I’ll do that now! ”

I’ll calm down.
Thanks to, George, and Jenny too!
Thanks to, Tyler, and you!
Me too!
I can’t calm down...
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