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Bee Your Man Lyrics

Relient K – Bee Your Man Lyrics

I'll watch you wind on down the string
And settle to the ground
I'll give my little hand a yank
And then you'll come back 'round

Just like you and me babe
You're the yo yo
I'm the hand
Well say you'll be my baby
And I swear I'll be your man

Hey guys
Ya'll the band
Ya'll pretty good now
I'm in a band now
Alright ya'll
Now it's time for a Tennessee sized obliged to the good fans of Relient K for buying the Nashville Tennis ep
Thank you very much to Jon, Matt, John, Matt, and Da-... Ethan
And I'd like to conclude with five great things about America
Freedom, justice, America, and uh... What's that last one? Right. Taco Bell


The Bird and the Bee Sides
[Random talking]
Oh my goodness
B-Sides for everybody
Some rarities and some uh... Unreleased recordings. Buzz he he he
[Random talking]
I love bees
The birds and bee sides
Alright, ok
Start the record
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