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Pout Lyrics

Relative Ash – Pout Lyrics

When I抦 complete and breathing right
They will wash us off
Clinging to her first words
You please marry me
You look good holding us
As I did with your trust
You want nothing more just forever
And I pout
And I pout
To be concerned not a question did he miss it when I slept with mom cus
I was scared
But I抣l be there when you wake up
Walk you through the sounds the bothered
And sit with you explaining till you look at me
And smile your eyes will say it all
I抣l hold you hard, let nothing harm
I have the strongest dad, he抯 sensitive
We wish he lived to hold his precious grandson a child
A child, child born of many, many miles apart
No I抣l never let you sleep with distance
Looking back bad patch the past up need no iv please
Look at me grieve yeah I'll break that ass fast
Leave you dead last 慶us lyrics treat me sweetly
Something you'll never take from me twice
Piper pay the price the gift of life flows
You抮e so fly girl I want to mix with you
Explode designs on your stomach
We will become a whole now watch us breed
You抮e so fly
Fuck with this no just trying to show true
Peaking when I flow shy fueling my smile
You抮e dripping when I grow strong
Spitting out mind erection her womb
Grips screaming birth I feel her digging me
Soft sucking out wrong I'm bound
For sound cool you抮e a pops now
Sensation overwhelms explain how they
Just don't love them let's cure the blind
And kick our dreams patch the past up stop running away from me
You抮e so fly I wanna mix with you
You抮e so fly
Patch the past up stop running away
From me don抰? Want to fuck with this
Boy抯 dream of pregnancy
A simple dream
In 5 months
Looking back bad
Looking back bad patch the past up
If you wanna be true I will lead
And I will feel much more better if you just
Listen to me and I will be the only one
Patch the past up don抰 you run away
From me
And I pout
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