I wonder about rights and deficiencies and secret ways to express like diddle
Squalls so the ocean that roars and the sea and the secrets and the tributes...
Can try to put some reality-even as hard as the crashes. The first thing I ever
Knew was last year after I came from a seizure and two days of unconscious
"s-h-i-t" supposed to bring me some comfort and "yay!
Hi... To Reisa... Let me say a thankyou... But I kept it for myself as the can I necessity of my needles...
I. E. I heard you knocking at my cellar door... I love you, baby, can I have somemore? And the answer is, " think about the following the next time you look
So absolutely outrageously to the a-s-s-h-o-l-e in these purple people in our
Land of purpleberries. Hey! Don't get sick! Not once! And there is also a rumour
Going around says "Reisa gas done someone in!"
And I will write it again tomorrow on the plaque of my Rock and Roll fanclub.
Reisa Gerber
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Sugar Smacks Lyrics

Reisa Gerber – Sugar Smacks Lyrics

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