You disguise yourself
In fake smiles
That I have learned
Just not to respond at all
I feel sorrow when I see
Naive ones repaying you

Restless, uneasy
Obsessed and greedy
You made me count much on you
Great intensions planned
Then let me down
You capture me teeling over
That the flowers after spring will never fall

Cold I be deceived again?
Not by any chance
Can't you see you'd have to change

To have someone you trust?
Someone to be your friend by your side
Cause I know you'll need to find someone sometime to
Lean on
That's all we're looking for...

You're always polishing the most precious stone
Determined to stare
Beyond a misty horizon
Sewing in gold the cheap steel
Too bad your brightnees blind my eyes
There's no point anymore
Everything's predictable now
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Reffer – Polish Lyrics

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