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Hail The Villains Lyrics

Reel Wolf – Hail The Villains Lyrics

(feat. Necro, Sid Wilson, Mr Hyde & Psych Ward)

(Shallow Pockets)
Living proof
Been itching to stick me in an institute
Distribute, sinister business kicking like winter boots(?)
Win or lose
The Devil's apprentice without an interview
Minuscule, little fools you need to finish school
(Yeah) literal my ridicule bend the rules
I'm biblical criminal you imbecile tossed out the window sill hitting steel four plates to a wind mill
To get a meal chemical generals
Center fold holding my genitals
When you dealt with minerals to snuck an individual, ya'll dispensable, I feel invincible
I flow with intervals that's sending chills
With a call, pivotal, fuck you I'm on principal
Guns now it's printable you in critical, clinical it ain't liberal you minimal typical run-of-the-mill you pitiful appendages ran up the top not rap I mean I cut the fucking head off a cop

(J Nyce)
Stab you in the belly there's a gut feeling
I love the feeling rising blood up to the ceiling
Impaling friends bodies unidentified like aliens tailed by the feds try and run and hide my alias
I paid dues and debts but ya'll don't have none do it for ends, do it the best do it to death son
Screaming hysterics your team will perish your girl leaving the marriage kicking the baby out the carriage
I heard she miscarried slit wrist Mary
Shit gets scary with these sick script Sedaris(?)
What's your grievance when your wife's running interference keep her hog tied tearing at your inner spirits
Your bleeding crew red beautiful redrum
I need to get fed I need to get some, some visions of purity(?) clarity ridden of impurity seriously it's clear to see there ain't no curing me with surgery

(Mr. Hyde)
Your alive at my BBQ, you weak ass faggots roast
My foes get smoked like a fire breathing dragon's nose
Yo I ain't the type of psycho that a paddy wagon holds
I'm the kind that shatter bones, guns of navarone, magnum chrome Mr. fucking Hyde bring the ruckus every time
Kick and punch all in the eye
You can suck a dick and die
Yo what happened? You was rapping
Until I swung my fucking ax and took a chunk right out your back and dumped it in a pumpkin patch
Now your cooze won't let me show you how a pest is executed
(Let it be mess included from the ex abusage?)
The rest will get alluded cause the feds are very stupid
Two guns shoot up to your crew into a finna coupe de ville
Gas was sent to the immense for some pent up prisoners
Drag your corpse from my porch that's left at room temperature the veteran of villainism with the Devil living
A spitter of the triple 6 into lyricism

Uh, yeah, hail the villain Star-Screams a superstar
I'm the guy you love to hate driving sideways in my car
Coming down the street out the window looking super hard puffing on blunts between my teeth like Al Capone's cigars beat you with a baseball bat when I go too far
Got a bunch of goons, shoot you with harpoons in the dark
Drag you to the back of the bar
Feed you to the fishes at the back of the barge
While my family's still at large, you never got the heart
Cause I cut it out chop it into little pieces stuff it back into your mouth how's that sound?
Turn you over to the Clown he'll hold a ritual and then he'll feed you to the crowd your time's up it's your ticket me and my whole crew lined to get wicked it's a sick feeling when you feel your being resurrecting from inside dimensions within dimensions that get launched in space

Make way, the super villain I'll split your melon
Dip out the building I'm a fucking bitter bully, killing
Mr. Freeze I'm literally chilling with a sadistic stease
Icicle biscuit squeeze I'm canonical like a bicycle field right by clipped debris
Batman's adversary pull out the gat man cat's get buried
When I blast a flurry past is worry
King of the Rogues gallery leave you frozen like a pierogi(?) striking a pose like vogue no ones in style as me
Scientist schizophrenic cryogenic low temperatures
When my temper flares people die in panic the winter's here iced out like Antarctica so cold you need a Cardigan South Pole hoodie North Face parka and Bubble Nautica
Turn a super hero sub-zero Fahrenheit like De Niro in Cape Fear put fear in you, frost bite cryonics preserve flesh and nerves resuscitate at a future date when the process can be reversed from the hearse

(Kid Fade)
Fuck it, your times up
In a box is where you'll wind up
Couldn't beat me at my own game calling for misconduct
I'm head bashing rappers all my enemies are lined up
Then put they brains back together somehow it makes their minds up
What you find rough ain't nothing I'll make their faces shred keep your rhymes sharp cause I'm walking on the razors edge in (???) pledge bring your death, longer drawn out
To accomplish to a cannibal, softer rappers eat your heart out, eyes clawed out, you couldn't see me cause it's hot out
From the heat I be bringing so better be relocating your hideout no men to save you involved with a combo but a rapper's with my convoy too crisp leave them John Doe's just a blind nose
For this killer who'll leave you scared to write
You coming up short with heat I call it Fahrenheit
You labeled me the Joker cause I used to be the class clown until I took over the world so who gets the last laugh now?

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