Oh shit fuck!

Hey, hey everybody!
Look who's on tv,
Look who just got famous don't you know it should have been me...

I'm not really bitter,
I'm not really mad,
I love to see other people get everything I ever wanted to have,

I don't really care, how big they get...
I hate you, fuck you leave me alone! [4x]
Why can't I be cool like them?

I used to have a girlfriend,
I treated her so bad,
She went out and found another lead singer,
Maybe she just likes guys in bands.

I give up on everything,
All my dreams are dead,
Maybe I'll get a shotgun, and try to blow her right out of my head...

Everybody says, "How come you ain't made it yet?"
I hate you, fuck you, leave me alone! [4x]
Why can't I get my girl back?

I knew you wouldn't understand,
Just what I'm tryin' to do,
Cause you're not fucking me,
And I'm so glad that I'm not fucking you...

I know it's my problem,
There's nothing I can do,
Well if they're gonna go and do it to me
Well I guess I'm gonna have to go and do it to you...

I don't really care, how much you cry...
I hate you fuck you leave me alone [8x]
Why can't anything go my way?
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Hate You Lyrics

Reel Big Fish – Hate You Lyrics

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