Two is better than one
But we were so young
We were so young
I can't say that I'm right
Can't say that you're wrong
I hope we find love
I hope we get along
I struggled with regret
Stayed up all night
I dreamed of your face
Till the morning light
I put your pictures away
Out of sight
Something so wrong
Just can't be right
Come, come into the light
Make it shine so bright
Make it shine so bright
Throw all our trouble away
Push all your troubles aside
It's not a perfect world
It's not a perfect world
It's here then it's gone
In the palm of your hands
Lines are drawn
With tales of life
Tales of love
In the glass drops the sand
As we try to understand
All the pleasure and the pain
The sun and the rain
As we walk through the winds
The Winds of change
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Perfect World Lyrics

Reed Foehl – Perfect World Lyrics