Young reed southwest representa
Philly philly philly I'm steppin up to the center
With dat all black baretta bruh let me put some lead in ya
And I got my blade too the one that was on predator
I be wit watever bruh grindin etcerda
Niggaz gettin robbed too? I gots to get my cheddar up
Yeah itz reed I'm in da game and I'm about to fuck it up
You fuck wit us you fukkin nut you fuck wit us you fuck us up
Wait let me switch it up I'm about to rip him up
He ass and he look like trash, I'm bout to pick him up
4 pound sit him down A. Are lift him up
Give it up you diggin us now gitty up
Re-arrange split em' up bury him dig him up
Top class nigga what you can never get wit us
Reed he da general raine he da captain
With N. H. H kaboom! Nigga watz crackin'
Eddie he da Monster, brick got the M. I. M. I.
Got the semi, oh you been fly I let 10 fly
Caution a solider ridin wit da toaster
I say fuck em' he gon' bust him until itz over
Somethin like a stove somethin like an oven
You Sumtin like a broke intercom
You not buzzin
Think reed waz off hiz shit well I wasn't
Ya group like one big pussy and I'm fuckin
Be 5 ride da beat somethin like
Double dutch
Warriors roll wit us grippers grip ya forties up make a phone call grip hiz
Lil shortie up
D. Jones better pump his breaks I haul off with the sawed off let the sawed off pump his face
You coward we to hard we run thru yall niggaz we troublement yall doublement we will chew yall niggaz screw yall niggas fat boy better get his head straight D Jones fall over Joey we call it dead weight 40 cal off in my pants I aint snappin dawg the only time you see me snappin I'm clapin matics of we can have dawg Jones we can bang it out when it's beef you ain't know that I'm the one they bringin out imma pit get a grip leave the meat hangin out you's a bitch all ya life I'll show you what some pain about
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Touch It Freestyle Lyrics

Reed Dollaz – Touch It Freestyle Lyrics

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