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Sumtn 4 Urrbody Lyrics

Redman – Sumtn 4 Urrbody Lyrics

(feat. Blam, Runt Dawg, Ready Roc, Icadon & Saukrates)

[Hook: Blam]
This is sumtn' 4 urrbody get yo' hands up
On the grind, money on yo' mind get yo' grands up
If you on top getting hella guap stand up
If you on da corner you a goner home and man up
This is sumtn' for all my peeps on da East Side
A lil sumtn' for my G's on the West Side
Now if ya want it we on it dog, ya know how it is
We're with the illest and realest killers, we handle our biz
Let's get it, rahh

[Runt Dawg:]
Y'all hear that big trunk bumpin', yeah that's Runt Dawg
System knock harder than the cops at your front door
Muhfuckas always talkin' tough like they want war
Matta fact next nigga stunt gon' get dumped on
Yeah, Dawg home
I break your jaw bone
And the '8 make you lose more weight than Star Jones
Rappers don't come to Jers'
Gun under my undershirt
I'm hollerin' "Gilla House!" drunk off the Thunderbird
My bitch be like, "Damn nigga wash yo' feet"
She say the hair on my chest look like taco meat
Shit, two hammers
Make your whole crew vanish
I'm a animal in front of Channel 2 news cameras
Bitch I'm like John Wayne
Shot like Lebron James
The chrome fo'-fo' pretty like Ricky Fontaine
My gorillas kill a man
We thicker than
That wic check peanut butter that come in that big silver can


[Ready Roc:]
Fuck it let's make it hot
I'm reppin' for all my blocks
Duckin', dippin' the cops
Ready runnin' the dock
Icarus in his sock
We comin' straight from the bottom going straight to the top
These haters want us to stop
Groupies is on our c***
Cuz they know it's going down like I'm Young Joc
But I'm not
Ready Roc
Keep the pistol grip
This some official shit
Brick city keep it wrapped like a Christmas gift

Yo, eh yo c*** it back click-click-click Hey!
It's Dr Bombay
Sick flow, get your Medicaid
And I'm like Hey!
My hometown is nj
Eyes redder than Reynaldo Rey
I just blaze
And I'm a soldier, better follow the leader
And for guap I even smack kids like Madea
I'm for re-a'
Your boy is tight
You got weed? Nigga show ya right
Gimme a light


Icadon nigga I got the semi with the lens
I'm in Bushwick, Brooklyn lookin' pretty in the Benz
Ghostwriter, got the spirit of Biggie in my pen
Funk Doc said it's time to go, Gilla begins
Icadon, you probably saw me leanin' in the B-M'er
Fly nigga, baby my socks be up in the cleaners
In the club with twin bitches steamin' on my reefer
They both go at my balls like Venus and Serena
What's good?

Nigga I double
My trouble
Through a war, price bubble
Half dog and half gorilla, get a tight muzzle
I shut you down like Smith infrared light gun do
My Mrs Smith'll have you turn over that ice bundle
Cadillac Devilles look right with that (Gilla House)
Comin' through yo' speakers like my ice cream (in ya mouth)
I shoot a bazooka not pipe dreams (Clear 'em out)
My name is Saukrates get yo' hands up Gilla House!

This is sumtn' 4 urrbody get yo' hands up, hands up...
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