[Verse 1: RedHaze]
Dick make her happy like a holiday
Got shooters wit me like a gun range
Gotta foriegn bitch she from Spain
And I'll salute the hoe like a fucking praise
Young RedHaze I'm still the same
I'm making money, don't expect a change
This rap shit ain't a game, til' you realize ya dress the same
I'm blessed the same
Girl drive me insane
You dead a drug like novacane
She came fast like fast food
My shit last, she said it last good
No sneak dissin' in my hood
We would clap, even if you would
Ain't holding back but you know you could
You know how we do in the woods
Lil homie on thin ice
Won't respect a thot unless she the wife
I don't front man, this my life
So when ya peep the swag, then don't bite
We shoot the fair ones
But then you gettin' slumped
Talk crazy to the team
You gettin' jumped
We move shit, from corner to corner
You come to my block
It's like you crossin' the border
Soon I'll be talked about in forums
Bout how im driving em' foreigns
And coppin' em' Porsches
Young niggas trappin'
We goin' the distance
Makin' this money
Got these old hittas' trippin'
Smokin' that pack
Yep, we on a trip
Hit up the connect
Cocaine on the ship
Ima give you bad luck
Cause you bouta' get cracked
Young self made, know I stay strapped
Make that gap, no procrastinate
Off the shop, sorry for the wait
Work to heavy, sorry for the weight
Talk that neck
Man there's no escape
If you think we lackin'
Nigga we just strappin'
Ain't never acting
Them thots dramatic
Them thots dramatic
I stay in true, don't get it twisted
I rock fucking bape
Ain't never late
I got preme too
I ain't a mean dude, just stay true
Don't want war cause you gon' fucking lose
Ain't got shit to do
My young hittas trappin' ain't never lose
Broke thot, fuck you tryna say
Fucked a fire bitch but I ain't tryna stay
Money coming no time to waste
Young REDHAZE up in the place
Off the earth like in fuckin space
Got the nina aiming to ya face
Bum nigga wanna try me
Heard you claiming you got me
My niggas bouta go on a spree
Herb nigga, ain't gettin' me
My niggas clappin
They shoot for free
Never lackin'
We makin' bands
Off the shits, I love my fam
All them hoes on the gram
All these hoes on the gram
Bitches think they famous man
We just weighing grams
I'm just turnt up with my squad man
Young fly hittas doing sins by the church
Thots getting bodies but don't know they worth
I pass it to my mans
On the block with the work
Lil that, just offered 20 for the perk
Queens outchea' my hittas be mobbing
Clip long like my dick
Drop a nigga if he wallen
Just dropped 6 bands on the Motha fuckin wallet
Rip Chinx Drugz
Free my niggas from the island
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15 Rounds Lyrics

RedHaze – 15 Rounds Lyrics