You are spreading lies, they're out of control.
You talk so much shit, but you have no clue.
A judgement passed by a jaded fool.
Your lack of understanding is starting to show!
You can't keep us down... we'll be back again!
You can't keep us down... we'll be back for you!
Don't get careless with the words you choose
Or with what you may assume.
A little light she'd can bring you the truth.
Think about it!
Before you make your next move.
You try to take us down... with what you say you know.
You're generating lies... they're out of control.
Reputation unsound... the cause leads back to you.
You may bring us down... but we'll be back for you,
Because you can't keep us down!
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Rumor Mill Lyrics

Redemption 87 – Rumor Mill Lyrics

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