Then again I see you cry
You like to leave your pride behind
Don't seem to notice that you suffer more
It's not everything for the best
Please lay down and take some rest
Maybe you'll see that you heart was sold

It doesn't take a long time
Don't close your eyes
There will be no sorrow at all
Now don't be afraid
It doesn't take a long time
You won't miss it when it's gone

Everybody can cause harm
Don't stop believing
There is something you should know

You don't wanna say so long
Sometimes it has to be done
Keep on asking for the reason why
It's all been done before
Please now get up from that floor
Even without wings someone can fly
Now you're searching for that something more

Leave everything behind
Don't close your eyes
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The Pollyanna Effect Lyrics

Red Summer Tape – The Pollyanna Effect Lyrics