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Mi Can't Sleep Lyrics

Red Rat – Mi Can't Sleep Lyrics

Whe dem seh... Hits fit the future... You si mi
Yow from this little red youth yah... You si mi
Yow si the truth ya... Hey

Mi seh mi can't sleep,
Mi can't get fi doze off
Woman dem inna mi room a take her clothes off
Mi waa piece,
She inna nighty a pose off
Mi did a try lock mi hose off.

1) She have inna one piece a temper a temp mi
And mi feel tired and strength nuh deh deh plenty
But the pose whe mi si mi woulda take a twenty,
Even a thirty forty fifty sixty.
Mi realize seh her belly empty,
Put on the turn on perfume, when mi scent it,
Try to avoid, but mi start get lengthy
Just get lengthy lengthy more lengthy. ... Cause

2) Mi head hot mi fussa
Mi third leg wussa,
She really really make mi want to be like Usher.
She know mi is a luster,
Mi feel like crusher.
Mi did buss before mi start, but now mi busser.
The nighty weh she inna just a get mi
And if mi try to resist it woulda hurt mi
She pop it off gees, a that alert mi
And now mi can't sleep and it worth it.... Hey

3) Watch how she pose
Put on you clothes
Wha dat a expose
Unno look pan those
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