You are taking on evil forces.
You don't even know what you can do,
Don't go make it easy for them;
Is more than a pound of flesh
When your skin and bones, and the pictures you made.

Yeah they pinned me to the wall
It hurt me to leave that morning
I'll never forgive myself for the years I spent fooling around.

You've been beat and busted up inside,
Now you've got a wall needs breaking through,
But you get a ten-tone hammer now
You've got a heart that is not made of cold black stone like you make out sometimes
I know you girl, I've seen those cracks
I should have been there for you; I should have done what you've done for me now.
Stay close to me
Stay close to me
I've got you back this time.
I remember how it went stopped talking to you, you stopped talking to me when we were 23, you drifted to the coast, I took off for the sea.
We thought that was the end of what was you and me.
Well then I hit the skids and you came back around.
You took me to a show and then we went out on the town.
You drank a little wine, you told me where you'd been, you told me about the terrors and the horror that you'd seen.
Well I was out of line, I never meant to bail, I should have watched the waters when your ships setting sail.
I guess I should have known that I'd wind up on my own
This is an apology for the man I couldn't be back when we were twenty three
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Red Kite – Montreal Lyrics

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