A dream, a myth, a lie called "tomorrow"
Take my hand and I'll follow

The last goddess is hope
I know she exists, but where did she go?

She's dead to the lost and the taken
The damned, the forsaken, the pagans, the fragments
The ghosts, the forgotten souls
And every child who knows they will never grow old

In the womb of our fears
A creature named chaos
Raise your hands to the cross
A search for a purpose
The gesture was never ever more worthless

As angels fell from the sky

Floating gracefully to their demise
Backs to the ground
Flames in their eyes because heaven is burning
Heaven will die tonight

As the rivers run dry sun refuses to shine
And there's nowhere to hide nowhere to run
What have you done?
Heaven will burn

And if we don't see the sunlight
If this is really our last night
Let's close our eyes and pretend
That when we look we'll see sunlight
And everything will be alright
Cause this isn't the end
This isn't the end
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Dance Lola Dance Lyrics

Red Handed Denial – Dance Lola Dance Lyrics

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