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Bobby Joe Lyrics

Red Brick Road – Bobby Joe Lyrics

Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe sat reading when he heard the glass break
Saw a man in his house, dressed in all black n grey
Bobby Joe ran to grab his ole .44
And the thief ran the hell out Bobby’s back door
Young James on his way home from school late that night
Usually doesn’t walk alone after daylight
Bobby Joe ran out his front door said
“I’ve got you now thief!”
Before Young James had a chance to plead
Bobby Shot Him In The Fucking Chest!

Bobby Joe killed an innocent man that day
What a way to die, Oh Lord what a Way
Bobby Joe killed an innocent man that day
Such a shame Oh such a shame
Put your bullets away

Well the police searched for days and days
They determined the thief made a smooth get away
Meanwhile Young Jame’s mother stand over his grave
While his friends final respects were paid
Bobby Joe be standing nervous in the court
As the jury read their report
The judge said i hope its the wrath of god you fear
But Bobby Joe Im also
Giving You Ten Mother Fucking Years!


Hey Bobby!
Yeah Bobby Joe!
Yeah Yeah Bobby!
Bobby Joe oh Bobby Joe oh

Upon reflection Bobby realized what he did
Cause thats the story of when Bobby killed that kid
Bobby Joe said “Oh Lord, I belong in hell”
Tied his sheets around his neck
And hung himself in his prison cell
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