If you feel what cha supposed to feel
Say yeah. Yeah
What you know just let it show
Say yeah, yeah
It's time to just let it go.
Just let your body, tell you so
Say yeah, Say yeah, say yeah

You can be what you want to be
Say Yeah, Yeah
Forget your fame the names the games
Say Yeah, Yeah
It's time to let all that go
Just let the music take control

Say yeah, yeah
Say Yeah, Yeah
Say Yeah

Everyone here's one the same
No need to separate, in this place
The music ties the strings

Now you feel what your supposed to feel
Say yeah, Yeah
What's in your soul just let it go
Say yeah, Yeah

There's no need to hesitate
Get Up! People and Celebrate

Every one here's one the same
No need to separate
In this place the music ties the strings

If you feel it, then you know it
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Everybody Say Yeah Lyrics

Rebirth – Everybody Say Yeah Lyrics