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Ulfberth Lyrics

Rebellion – Ulfberth Lyrics

Across the rivers and the sea
Here is what you want and need
Swords from Franconia
Their blades shining like a star

We search the furs that you hold
We'll pay fairly as I told
Coming peaceful for the trade
So come close don't be afraid

But you did not come for trade
Faces grim you draw your blades
You might have picked your victims wrong
Northern warriors bold and strong

[Pre chorus:]
Cause norsemen we are
From the land of ice so far
If you choose to pick a fight
The price might well be your life

Ulfberth Ulfberth - sword of a master
Whistling death as I swing thee faster
Ulfberth Ulfberth - spin like a wheel
Dealing death - steel you feel

So my Ulfberth he starts
To come alive like a beating heart
Moving vivid in my hand
A dance of death certain end
Springing lightly from throat to throat
A kiss of steel where once was hope
Digging deep a smile in red
Shattered words on lips of death

Have I told you not before
The price is high you know the score
On the ground your comrades lie
And like fools you run away

[Pre chorus]

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