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Evil Lyrics

Rebellion – Evil Lyrics

These evil creatures must
According to the Nornes
Be dealt with now and quick handed

So under Odin's guide
Angrboda seek at night
And leave her bound and undefended

Hel become the queen
In Nilfheim recieve esteem
By those who die
Without honour in their lives

Rotten as you are
Away with you away so far
Hel you nourish on
Those dead and gone

Extinguish the Evil, to save our lives
The world will come down if
Loki's breed survives
Extinguish the Evil
And Angraboda his wife
The world will come down if
Loki's breed survives

Jormungard we throw
Into the deepest sea
Sinking down to live or die

May the waters hide
Her till Ragnarök
And keep her out of our eye

Fenris look at me
A wolf like I've never seen
I've always liked your kind
Looks like you are first in line

Can't send you away
In Asgard's forest hunt for prey
So I Odin speak
May my word be recieved
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