I'm striking match, too hot to handle
I'm melting wax from, from these burning candles
Runs down drops and I can feel it burn my skin
I stepped outside today, it became dark again
Fear, this fear I'm feeling, fear shouldn't be here
My ego trips and falls, I hear my conscience call
Lock the door and throw away the key
This fear I feel, this fear shouldn't be here with me
I'm left holding on to this very end
I can feel this drop, it's to burn my skin
Lights up my room and it's not too soon before
Before this wind blows it out
I feel I'm all alone (all alone, all alone)
I'm being overthrown (all alone, all alone)
I'm being taken ever (God Is everywhere)
I'm being driven under (everywhere, everywhere)
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FR I FL Lyrics

Reason To Believe – FR I FL Lyrics