You saw her walking around and when she blinks you and eye,
A double-cross in her words signing your sentence of die.
Taking advantage of her beauty and graceful divine,
You fall too deep and blinded by faзades and fool lies.

Golden haired dark wishes
Hesitating a song,
Lullabies of seduction draining deep,
Draining love.
With an Innocence smile the prey in love will fall,
With the sweet taste of venom
You're trapped in the wire.

If you want to ride the adventure,
You should now be aware,
You are role playing a hunter but
You'll know you're the prey
She's looking for married fools
In status on heights
To finance her budget
Full of luxury wealth

It doesn't matter how sweet
And tenderly it could be,
Her voice is a mermaid calling
Premonitions of greed
Once you are under her claws you'll
Know for you will be to late
Try to pass through the lust
Way and you will be condemn

The Black Widow, mortal trap heart
You witch you mermaid
Angel of lies
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The Black Widow Lyrics

Reason Remains – The Black Widow Lyrics

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