Where am I now
What am I doing here
I've still not found
A familiar face- in the mirror
But I guess it doesn't get much clearer then
The reflections that we see
Hiding away this part of me
I've tried so hard to learn
So I carry around pictures
To remind me who I am
It's just so hard to find
From where shines this sun
When these clouds are in front
Still I see this light

When all you've ever known
Has kept you from seeing truth
Keep your eyes closed
Cause they're blinding you

Look at me I'm flying
You and I both know I'll always end up crying
All I did was open my eyes
And I was blinded
Walking through a wilderness
Searching for the one place truth lies


So many have stumbled down this road
So lost and so confused
But just like a wind that comes and goes we're all just passing through
I pray that one day who we are won't be dimmed by the skin of our faces yeah
The jumps we take don't get us very far
In the end we just all crash

I think now what I believe
Is the choices we make is who we are in the making
To figure out what all this is for
I know the world must be more
Then a theatre full of people
Staring at a smokescreen

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Smokescreen Lyrics

Reality Addiction – Smokescreen Lyrics

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