Are you oneside awright gonna turn the tide
We're shippin' out for the mainland
Gotta passion the waves are splashin'
A landlubber from the mainland
Tell me are ye fit (damnright)
Can ye make the trip
Sea fair on sailor
Gonna set sail loaded to the gunwails
Can't keep me from the mainland

We're comin' aboard comin' aboard
So all ashore that's goin' ashore

All hands on the deck (aye aye)
Let's see some respect
It's a ticket to the mainland
This ship will happen
She got the best captain
An old salt from the mainland
Ye ever bin ta sea (yes indeed)
Hangin' on the breeze
Full sail to the mainland
Up in the crow's nest
Is where you see the sea the best
Fair sailin' my fair friend
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Mainland Lyrics

Real Mckenzies – Mainland Lyrics