You're a mistake, one that I wish I never made
And now I can't believe that I tried so hard
To stop these changes that you made, you still try to get laid
We're through, break the tension, you need intervention

I'm glad that you aren't mine
You're just a waste of time

You did nothing good for me
It took a while but now I see
That I'm better off feeling sublimed, cause you tried to corrupt my mind
I got caught up in the breeze,
You manipulative tease
Cause I'm nothing but a teenage boy and I'm not your dumb play toy

I erased the thought of you out of my brain
Cause now I can't stand you, you made a mark
On how I present myself and resent all the filth
That is living, contagious with habits outrageous

I'm glad I've finally seen
How much of a bitch you can truly be
This is all I can take
I'm leaving, you were just a mistake
No, this isn't a dream
I truly think you're a catastrophe
I'm rid of your bitter taste
I'm finally free, but your life's still a waste

(I wish I'd never met you
You're such a worthless whore
Now all my fears have come true
Get out now and shut the door)

God, I'm glad that you're not mine
But I promise that we'll both do just fine

You did nothing good for me
Took a while but now I'm free
I'm finally away from the crime, and now the whole world is mine
Now the grass is always green
And there's a whole new world to see
And now my life is perfection without your misdirection

Now I can finally say that
I hate you
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Better Off Without You (I Hate You) Lyrics

Ready To Start – Better Off Without You (I Hate You) Lyrics

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