Uh huh
Uh huh huh huh [4x]

I wanna know what it's like to come to the same man,
Sleep in the same bed every night.
I wanna know relationship,
Even petty arguments, and silly senseless fights.
I want the kind of love that my grandparents shared,
Once in a lifetime (oh so rare)
I still believe in the possibilites,
There's someone who's out there for me.

I'm gonna trust, with everything in me.
I'm gonna let my guard down, let you know the real me.
I wanna be free from my insanity.

I'm tired of the games, I think I'm ready for change.
Don't wanna run in circles, I've been seeing the same thing.
Searching for something different, maybe I'm (ready for love) [(2x)]

Wanna say goodbye, once and for all, to my misery.
Extend my hand, and welcome all the chivalry.
Cause real man know how to treat a real lady.
And I've been looking for a real man lately.

I'm sending this one out to the raining love came for the right woman.
I'm standing right here,
Without any doubts of fears,
I wanna give them a try (yeah)

[[repeat bridge]]

[[repeat chorus 2x]]

My relationships in the past,
Were false hopes, broken promises.
I've made up my mind,
The special one is hard to find.

If I can never try again,
I'm ready for nothing.
So I'm stretching my arms out,
And open my heart out for love (for love)

[[repeat chorus 5x]]
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Ready For Love – Tmelle Lyrics

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