If you're looking for a sweet man
To take your hand and understand
If you're looking for a lifelong friend
Until the end it isn't him

If you're looking for a lot of money
And a man that isn't funny
Promise him that you will be the one

If you're looking for a fun guy
Not a grifter always getting by
If you're looking for his wisdom
Just trust me it isn't him

He's only going to treat you dirty
After all what's the hurry
Lots of men would kill to be with you

Now you tell me that you have to go
Don't let it show, I don't want to know
All I see is that he's bad for you
What can I do so you don't lose

He's somebody that wants to own you
Your friends won't want to know you

Come on

Dry your eyes
Dry your eyes

He's not what he appears
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Sweet Man Lyrics

Reaction 7 – Sweet Man Lyrics