The skies open wide
The clouds fall between us
We die and decide
What time does with us

My world is a bucket of spit
And a call full of trashh
Filled with all my sorrows
So I'll waste all my time
Looking to stars for all of my answers

And then I saw a ghost
And he showed me the ways of the dead
And I danced with the four horse men of dread and gallows
They told me " I'm Hollow" and that I should come here instead

That's when you went into the light
As I followed them into the dark
I screamed "it wasn't supposed to be this way, I should of lived a better life!" x2

A better life x2

I turned around as fast as I could hoping you would of seen me
Hoping you'd feel that I wasn't there
But, I know you have hope because I saw your eye glimmer in the sunshine
So I hope you could believe that anything is possible, everything is possible
Just don't give up,
I'll escape my pits and show you I could live along side someone like you

As of right now, this feels like hell
This feels like hell
This feels like hell
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A Better Life Lyrics

Reaching Your End – A Better Life Lyrics

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