Inflatable love thing, may I come along for the ride?
Inflatable love thing...
Inflatable love thing, can you guess what's hidden inside
My brain?
I'm a story collector, the greatest big kiss and teller.
I'm your suitcase mate, pack your bags,
Won't you hurry and don't be late.
(she said) Look into my eyes.
You'll be hypnotized
My, my, my, my, my.....
Portable love thing, unleash your tougue
So I can hear you say: " I'm your plaything"
Inflatable love thing, the queen of feign with
Everything to gain - with no shame.
(Chorus 2x)
I don't like the way you look, your face ain't no open book.
Anytime, anyplace, hand over a pen so I can paint your face.
You're livin' in a dream, Rock n' Roll hormone fantasy,
So who, will it be?
I'm gonna see through your veil,
I'm gonna give you my sympathy.
(Chorus 3x)
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Inflatable Love Thing Lyrics

Razorback – Inflatable Love Thing Lyrics