I got another story to tell
You know who it is b your dead bitch razakel
And I stil remember it all, bitch

I remember when you would sneak me into your house
I would hide inside your closet until your parents passed out
And then I crawl into your bed and facefuck your head
Even if I was on my period you were quick to slurp the chunky red
You can't lie hoe, I know you loved it though
The way I pull your hair and fingerfuck your pussy on the flow
2 girls in love, crackpot munching all night
Had to depend on each other plus no guy can do it right
I rubbed into her eyes and remember what I said
If you ever broke my precious heart I guarantee your ass is dead
I can't explain it, I hate bitches so much
But every moment without her only made me miss her touch
I hate the fact that I loved her, but not under the covers
I be smothered in her juice, razakel the pussy lover
Bitch you're mine I fucking hate you so much
If you ever leave my side I'm gonna pull out your guts, s***

I wanna love you
But I fucking hate you
Everytime I see you smile I wanna beat you up and rape you
Noone can have you bitch you belong to me
I know your every single move I'll even hunt you in your dreams
I wanna love you
But I fucking hate you
I can't wash your sense off of my skin, I've got to mutilate you
With a scalpel cut your lips and your clitoris too
You can pray to your god but ain't nobody gonna save you

Yo, my stupid bitch is hiding something I know
Cause I stayed up all night waiting for that hoe, no show
What the fuck, never trust a female
I got her myspace password and started sorting through her emails
I was right the c*** had fucked behind my back
But not with any other bitch, it was a guy in fact, fuck that
I'm grateful bitch, now you will die tonight
Fuck him and his dick only I can lick that pussy right
You're mine bitch, I thought you motherfucking knew
You belong to me or the maggots will consume you
Fuck you c***, she shouldn't have lied to me, she said we'd be forever and that she would die for me
Bitch please
Broke into her house when I knew that she would be sleeping, slit her throat with the scalpel so she'd be bleeding and dreaming
I'm so sorry, I only did it cause I loved you
I'm so disgusted by your beauty so I really fucking hate you
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My Luv Lyrics

Razakel – My Luv Lyrics