When I'm walking down the street,
Pretty girls I do meet. (s*** lady)
They all stop and smile at me I,
Go ahead and I pass them by cause I've got
A love of my own aw yeah, (my special lady)
Ain't going no where no where,
This is what I been thinking of
Cause I love you and I really care.(special lady)
Hey Jill you're my special girl,
Love your touch (special lady)
Just that much, makes me wanna be with you for more than a little while.
I find myself in a certain situation,
Took a lot of time and thought and a whole lot of imagination (just my
Imagination, running) to keep my hands off you girl, cause I know it's
Wrong, to try and have two loves so strong.
Cause I've got a love of my own already,
Ain't going no where no where,
This is what I've been thinking of,
Cause I love you and I really care.
I just can't take help myself (spinning out of control)you've shown me so
Very much,
Can't take my mind off you (my special love)
There's something special in your touch.
(My special love) you're smile, your walk,
Your thoughts, your style, your heart, your hair,
You're smart, you care, unnn,
This is what I've got to say, I wanna give a shout out to you girl, cause
You make my day,
It's all about the little things that you do,
Makes you special girl, yes, that's true,
When we're walking, when we're talking,
Ohhhoohhh, you're divine, I'm glad,
I'm glad you're mine, ummummm baby,
Love you baby, You're my special lady,
Ain't no other for me baby, baby, baby, baby!
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Special Love For Me Lyrics

Raymond Coats – Special Love For Me Lyrics