I can prescribe something for you babe
But if I knock you up
You might knock you out
It might knock you out
It might knock you out

Shawty I gotta be rip
You might make me feel plain
And nothing from round here I'm not playin no game
I see you hurt me so closer curtains I'm doing...
If you hoping... Try me if you dead I got so much...
Are you... Yeah yeah if you hear me
Don't take no... From my... Who can treat you like his queen
Don't let out them... No
Oh tonight just give me a chance tonight
I'ma make it alright

Pre chorus:
Now you can settle... When you can have the best
When you with this I will... In the world mess
Just leave the party tonight
No pressure I'll give a time to get you mine ride
... Ride it rock you ready for this ride

I feel that pain on you just...
... To see... It kills me when you...
I feel that pain on you just...

Tic tac with the clock time is up
You can have to go

If you're ready for the good life
Tell me that's...
... Hesitation that is staring girl for...
You got that pain on... Tears running down the...
I can prescribe something for you babe
If I knock you up
It might knock you out x 6

In even a time when you say you're mad
'Cause it be so stupid enough to dress the path
Cause... It will treat different...
'Cause... I'm settle for less
You gotta... For less... From you
It also cheated 'cause them... It must be a fool

... Can't come to the but line buy
... Narrow for that... When you can ahev the...
Play with me...

[Pre Chorus:]

You don't' deserve a girl that's... You

Let's come down baby
Let's clear you mind
I'm offering you more than will, have to last
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Knock You Out Lyrics

Ray L – Knock You Out Lyrics