Yea, Birdie bands on this one
Make, Making rands on this one
Set, Setting trends on this one

Dab dance on this one
I got bands on this one


Birdie Bands on this one
Making rands on this one
Setting trends on this one
Dab dance on this one
I got bands on this one

Birdie Bands on this one
I got bands on this one

I got all my niggas shine


Dabbin in balenciaga (heeeh) in balenciaga (heh)
Dabbing in balenciaga (heeeh) In Balenciaga (heh)
We gotta Dabbin' in balenciaga (heeeh) In balenciaga
Dabbing on balenciaga (heeeh) in balenciaga (heh)

Juggin in balenciaga (yea yea) , in balenciaga
Juggin' in balenciaga, In balenciaga my nigga
We juggin in balenciaga (heeeh) , in balenciaga (heh)
Jugging in balenciaga (heeeh) in balenciaga (heh)

[Verse 1]

Yea, I'm tryina get in the game but all of these niggas be hating
I got the yatch on my name I got the change in the making
All of you niggas inane, originality lacking
Givin em haters the pain, money a nigga be chasing

Man, I got the trap
Fuck all the rap, we juggin in balenciaga
So we got the racks,
Fuck hunnid stax
I got my yatch and he rollin up two hunnid pack,
Back on the back,
Fuckin with audio mack
I am a mac
I gotta check
Either I'm signing a cheque

Fuck are you nigga you hating my whole squad?
But I got your hommies they love me they love it so I got their love in the both sides, man
You better be on the cosign
You writing them bars to make all these rappers, feel like their music is not right, mann
Shit ain't too funny my nigga, I sleep in the morning, Be working up all night


[Verse 2]

If you got the love for the raww, we gotta be on the road or leave me alone
I got a coupla niggas they lookin for feature my nigga you feelin my tone?
I ain't a type of a nigga to work with a nigga who wack so you better be dope
Bought a new balenciaga for all of my niggas, You hear me? So fucko my foes

Spending the money to make all the money, rich mind
I got, coupla phoney they looking so funny, witch kind
Niggas - they don't wanna fuck with my niggas so either way I do not fuck with them too
Up on this one and I been in the game, aller my fans, you gotta be true
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Balenciaga Lyrics

Rawwlex – Balenciaga Lyrics

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