This one goes out to all the sexy ladies out there,
Sexy ain’t a size…It ain’t an age or a look…
It’s all in the attitude… let’s go.

-1st Verse-
No flaw short of perfection, (short of perfection)
Beauty in you I see, (ooo)
Your appearance needs no correction, (no correction)
Cause everything you got appeals to me.
I love the way you smile, (the way you smile girl)
Cause every time you do it stops my heart,
There’s so many things I really like about your style,
Tongue-tied and I don’t know where to start.
(Hold up)

Tonight’s your night, your lookin’ right,
Girl I wanna let you know,
Cant’ deny, you’re so fine,
From your head down to your toes.
Everything about you glows.
I just wanna make a toast.
I am celebrating,
That you’re so amazing.
-Repeat 1x-

Girl there’s something about you, (something about you)
Or maybe it’s the way you fit them jeans. (Mmmm)
Well baby let me know how to, (let me know how to)
Cause any way I can I aim to please.
What happened to love and romance, girl? (whoa, ooo, whoa)
You wanna know where he real men are.
What happened to walkin’ in the park and holdin’ hands?
Well maybe baby we can do it tomorrow (Oh, oh, oh, ooo)


(Lady luck, lady luck),
You got me ridin’ on a high tonight.
(Goin’ up, goin’ up),
It’s like I’m touchin’ the skyline.
(Is it lust, is it love?)
(Don’t make me choose).
To make me choose would be unfair to me,
They’re both tearing me,
Cause you’re so amazing.

-Chorus -
-Repeat Bridge-
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So Amazing Lyrics

Raw Rah – So Amazing Lyrics

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