Empty eyes stare the voids
A magnet swallowing hearts
A mystic fall to the unknown
In cores full of demon breaths
I admire the source of evil
Contagious leads us back
Consistent will and concrete ways
In times of demise
Oceans shall drown in fire
The holy stench shall burn
In golden ash all filth is hiding
With strength I blow, I am the mind
Find a way to escape this labyrinth
Chances are minimized to change your I'll will
Suffering in maximum will be the earth's last scene
Old laws we reveal, punishment is eternal!
In the end of times everything breathes for nothing
Mummified, wandering, ideals are crushed
The holy strings we cut, grimly possessed by murder
Your lives in my knife
In the icy seas of black ink we coronate the naked cold
As a noisy storm of insects searches channels to spread pest
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In Times Of Demise Lyrics

Ravencult – In Times Of Demise Lyrics