[verse 1]
This world is a chamber pot
Filled to the brim by pigs
Put a lien on our fucking life
Hide behind your shield

[bridge 1]
On punishment

[verse 2]
You soil the respect that's earned
By those who do their job
Violence is the only way
To have our problem solved

You cannot settle down my
Free fucking will
Batons and guns won't stop this
So get your fill

[verse 3]
End life; violent discharge
Keep the receipt
Capgras or law enforcement?
We're not the ones who squeal

[bridge 2]
You can wear whatever vest you want
Your face isn't bullet proof
Your blue life
Does not mean shit to me
And you can't arrest the truth

[bridge 3]
What are my rights?

[bridge 4]
Another one down
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Violent Discharge Lyrics

Ravage Red – Violent Discharge Lyrics