We never change
Never, never

I was young man (young, young)
Not a wise man (wise, wise, wise)
I was given
Been mistreated
Can't get even
Always been [?]
Had me plottin' on the future when you been gone (been gone)

I know nothing lasts forever
Why would you have to get up?
And get down, in disguise now my eyes can see
I would never ever sweat you
I was still betting on you from Tokyo, California, my East Atlanta home
Top of the floor and rose petals believin' that the beauty would be magic enough
But you ain't never pull up, no you ain't never pull up

And I'm feeling better
Ever since I left her
This is not a mystery
And I'm praying for you
Karma can't ignore you
No revenge is not for me
I won't take it bad, there's no strings attached, there is only memory
Let me take it back, to the day in fact you left me for hisstory
Oh yeah, oh

[?] everything in time
Wise man, wise man, wise man
Overcome the tyrant
And my balance, balance, balance
Will overcome the challenge

Atlanta, Woodcrest man I'm home for the weekend
I'm walking my dog along the cement
A robbery happened prior preceding my homecoming
My domes running I'm wired sfor defense
I couldn't believe it, why am I leavin'?
For LA women, weather and weed
And my people bleeding and losing
Dying like Jesus choosing
Nigga you got the power, the keys at least you can use 'em
Now lil' Demitri in jail
Lil' Demitri in holding
Ever since he was born the system's plan was unfold
And his poppa died at 9
I was 10 at that moment
My bestfriend, Obama's elections, we got to smoke and I pass out
Momma ever knew she would be whoopin' my ass now
12 year old Georgia boy smokin' the gas now
Now I'm 15 make a stop by the traphouse
Anyone in chemistry know I got the sack now
The IB kids shop with me, I ain't too hood
Hood kids fuck with me too 'cause they smoke good
Use the money on my studio time
Hopin', prayin' for a young day when we both shine
If we both grind, if we worked hard
Know in due time, I was born to get mine
Born to get fly, born for that ski, born for that sky, ha
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HIsstory Lyrics

Raury – HIsstory Lyrics