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Last Call Lyrics

Ratt – Last Call Lyrics

from album: Infestation (2010)

Oh yeah!

She said, "Meet me when you're all alone." Then she turned and walked away.
You know it's crazy when you're out of love, and you don't know where you've been.
But lately I'm feeling fine; just tell me where or when.
I'm gonna give you everything you want and never see you again.

Nicely! Friendly to me, I couldn't catch my breath.
Gave her a kiss a little late, now I know just what I missed.
So right: Let's go inside and dance the night away.
Yeah, I'm gonna give you everything you want, but you ain't gonna get it for free!.

If you didn't show me, I wouldn't care.
Hey! What's under there?

Last call!
Never turned away!
Last call!
Dance the night away!

She said, "Lately, I'm behind the bar. Don't forget to get a drink."
"I get off at 2, and I'm waiting for you. I'm gonna drive you in the pink!"
"Cadillac! Don't look back. I'm dying over here."
"I've been late tonight, but I'm right on time. And I gotta get out of here!"

If you didn't show me, I wouldn't stare.
Hey! Why don't you share?
Come here!

Last call!
Never turned away.
Last call!
Dance the night away.
Last call!
Have a drink on me.
Last call.
May be wrong, but it feels so right!


Gimme another shot!
Over here!
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