Yung Rasaq nigga
The girls are screamin' my name
But I ain't feelin' these dames
Call me a doctor, I might get 'em to give me some brain
And I don't promise a thang, I can't give you no change
I can't give you a rang, I can't keep you with range
But if you complain, I can prompt the car over swang
Open on the freeway, and I'll give you some range
And that's a long distance, from the highway to ya house
When it could of bin the distance,
From the driveway to the couch
And I'm not obnoxious, but the roc's jus so
Blue in the face of the watch
It looks like it's knocked unconscience
My car turnin' green, like it's probly naucios
But that's jus the paint, so I don't go to the doctor
My brissle fresh and clean, so I don't go to the dentist
When I'm eighty, Imma probly have diamonds in my dentures
This is g-g-gutter nigga, oops did I say that twice?
The iced out mouth, made me s-s-stutter nigga
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Screamin My Name Lyrics

Rasaq – Screamin My Name Lyrics