Sunshine in my face
As I grab for a warm embrace
Reaching out but nuthin's there
Wish there was someway to get out of here
Depressed and Cold in the heat of the sun
Blinded by my actions for fun
I get a Sinburnt but feel nuthin'
Because of my actions
The burn is much deeper than skin-deep, it's soul-deep
Its a permanent record on my soul
Suburn caused by my unwillingness to protect
To protect my skin which shelters my soul
Sinburnt by all my pains and thoughts
Thoughts of life and death and my last breath
What will it be like in the end, Only God Knows
But, wait I found a warm embrace known as God's grace.
I found protection against the sin of life. I found God's grace.
God's grace is the best sunblock in the spiritual and/or physical
My fathers warm embrace was just what I needed.
God is my Lord and Savior and with his grace as sunblock there shall be no more sin in my life that I can't deal with.
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Sinburnt Lyrics

Rapture – Sinburnt Lyrics