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Missing Your Kisses Lyrics

Raptile Ft. Trey Songz – Missing Your Kisses Lyrics

I'm reaching out my heart to you
Girl its just so hard
I'm wishing I could hold you
But my arms ain't that long
Girl I'm missin' your kisses, I'm missin' your touch
You know oohh this distance makes it hard to keep us close

Ya anotha airport drama
I'm leavin' and its hard to say goodbye
We don't know when we'll meet again
Tears rolling down your cheeks again
The last kiss has to last longer than the weekend and (oohh yeah)
So weakening the last few days
Laughters on our face
More like a masquerade
But we can't cover it up
This shit is too real
Can't even talk the split is to near
Pop the trunk and check my bag tags
I left my luggage after I strap my backpack
Teary eyes might drown
I feel like Trey I don't wanna leave but I gotta go right now
Its always the same our hands let go
And it feels like the pain brands my soul
My vision get blurry you driving off
And deep inside my heart starts crying y'all


[Verse 2:]
Ten hours later 7 thousand miles away
I find myself all alone reminiscing
I feel like somethings missing
But this my job I gotta be focused plus ambitious
Sometimes I question all of this (is it worth it)
I'm spending most of my time out here working
Grinding instead of spending all of my time with
My princess my wife my queen, I promise
The sweet ones comin' and when I'm coming home but
Trust its gonna be a dunkin dough nut (no no no)
I hate waking up in the middle of the night
And you're not by my side, right by my side (each night)


Girl I think about this loving
A thousand times a day
And Girl you're still the closest to my heart
Even a million miles away


This distance makes it hard (oh oh)
This distance makes it hard (harder to keep us close)

Girl I'm missin your kisses, I'm missin' your touch you know
This distance makes it harder to keep us close...
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