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No Introduction Lyrics

Ransom – No Introduction Lyrics

They said that the fire is gone but it never left
Hotter than a brimstone found deep in the devil's chest
No religion I hold the vision farther than heaven's steps
Hope you listen ain't no forgiven driven by every breath
My pops could've stuck around but instead he left
So he met his death fuck grievin I'm already stressed
Bring it to the calisthenics nice steady reps
I'm doin heavy sets drinkin on every rest
They say I'm very blessed, I think a different way
I sell a clip of yay and now ya got kicks today
I ain't got shit to say this is just a sick display
Street religion I give'em grab a clip and pray
I'm legendary and sharper than ten machetes
My vocals evoke spirits and wake up the cementaries
Where acres of men are buried, my hands on the eagles
And the only safeties I know they play in the secondary
You haters are never ready, my words' dope
Take 'em in vain they have you shakin like paces from epilepsy
I'm sayin you best respect me the last one of his kind
A street prophet you better pray that this vest protect me
Don't wait 'til the feds arrest me my life should be celebrated
Visons of midle-aged niggas sayin they never made it
The world's segregated the have and have-nots
Blast shots what you expect we ain't been educated
I'm mentally elevated I meant to be levetated
Those who oppose me is eventually devastated
I'm hated by many respected by all
Loved by the ones who told me I was destined to fall
Aggressive and raw I don't use discretion at all
Artistic violence all of my weapons can draw
From here to eternity my words'll be surgery
Mercif'ly the devil occurs to ever gave birth to me
The booth is my solitude this is church for me
You shouldn't even exist on the same earth as me
Send 'em straight to mercury for tryin to spit a verse at me
I'm perfectly chiseled from cast-iron
My verse is description from past iron
I worship the pistol and blast iron
Submersed in the issues of scag buyin
My vivid tells, a street horror, I leave scars
In the worst part of your brain that destroy you like pearl harbor
This boy is the world's author
Autobiographical scriptures, the first father
Just listen and work harder
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