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Nightcap Lyrics

Randy Rocket & Vally Does It – Nightcap Lyrics

Said it's 2 o'clock in the morning
Girl you know that I'm horny
You've been bighting on my lip
And you've been kissing on my neck
Can't wait to hear you moaning
And all that teasing on snapchat
Almost made a real G have a damn flashback
Always on IG talkin about #twerkteam
Bend it over let me see that ass clap
Now baby hop up on my face
Look so good I just wanna get a taste
Slow it down girl we ain't in no race
But I promise you gonna come in first place
Then we switch it up and start banging
Tell me how deep can you take it
I'ma have to get a brand new headboard
Cuz I swear to god tonight I'm gonna break it


We've been Kissing, We've been touching
We've been talking, We've been rubbing
How about a nightcap
We'll be biting, We'll be squeezing
I'll be stroking, You'll be screaming
I know you like that
How about a (nightcap x4)
I know you like that
How about a (nightcap x4)
So tell me how you like that


Late night text yeah she like that
Late night sex yeah I like that
Meet her at the job bend her over the desk
Head in the computer but she can't type back
Three rounds in trying to fight back
She make it so good, I can bite that
I put it on her and she threw right back
I now rhymed every damn word but nightcap
We was in the club post up like throw it up
I'm trying to hit it right now what's up
I love it when she go and get dressed up
Fuck around and I'm a pull that dress up
We can talk all night baby tell me what you think
Tell me what you like tell me what you drink
I'm a hit it from the kitchen to the bathroom sink
I'm a take that pussy all the way to the bank.

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