Morning gray clouds all around,
Whistling winds start to blow,
Strange, the bleak sky comforts so,
Even the dark has it's own sort of glow.
Autumn colors changed by storm,
Yet somehow they're keeping me warm,

And I feel the peace as I look through my window,
I feel a hope as I turn toward the sea,
Somehow it hurts when you find what you wanted,
There is a dream that is setting us free.
And I feel the golden fire burning,
Outside the raindrops brush the tree.
Isn't it nice things can happen,
Like you and me.

Passing by I almost missed
Meeting the belle of the band.
But something sparked so I persist
I never realised I'd melt in her hand.
Never easy, but somehow so right
We drifted on wheels through the night.


Nobody knows what is out in the distance,
Somehow it's hard not to stray from the line
Some people wish to arrive at perfection
But you never know up ahead what you'll find

So just keep that golden fire burning
I'm feeling fine and calm, so free,
Thinking it's nice things can happen,
Like you, and me
Isn't it nice things can happen,
Like you, and me.
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Rainy Day Girl Lyrics

Randy Edelman – Rainy Day Girl Lyrics

Songwriters: RANDY S. EDELMAN
Rainy Day Girl lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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