Have you-ooh ever noticed?
Your different to me
Those beautiful eyes are going to shine like the stars tonight
I've never met someone like you
I've never dreamt of someone like you
Tonight baby your coming home
In my arms
So you can hear the wind blow softly
All ni-iight
(End Chorus)
Creeping in
Are you home?
Breathing ever so quietly
Are you home tonight?
I sometimes wish you were more
Than just my friend
Oh your bittersweet love
Makes me feel ho-ome
Dancing and prancing underneath the stars
If feels sooo right
Have you heard my heart beat
You are always diffrent to me
(Repeat Chorus)
Open your who do see?*whisper*
(Sing the rest afterwards instead of whispering now)
That's right me
The one you'll awake next to
Above the gate of hea-a-vens
Open your eyes
This is no type of fantasy
Baby I feel oh so right in your arms because your the one
Your not like any one else
So close your eyes because their's nobody else like... you-ooh
One touch*fade*
I'm your angel tonight
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Like You Lyrics

Ramonia Jones – Like You Lyrics

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