Piano*playing for 1 02: before the beginning of the main song [eric*

b] "clap your hands" cut and scratched 6x [rakim]
put your hands together Clap... your hands Verse

one rakim: This

is for thousands of people who came A
show from road to road you're entertained I
don't even have to say my name Cause
when the place is ripped in half I'm, to blame Masses
of posses packed up schemin Ladies
lovely and keep on screamin Go
rakim go, rakim go, It
won't be long then it's on with the show I'm
late so, hit the brakes and park the benzito Double
oh seven incognito, Sneak
in the back door lookin, for the stage When
I get on you react in a rage People
from side to side and front to back Won't
dance if, the mc's wack The
crowd go psycho even if I don't move Some
like the groove cause I'm so smooth Then
somethin happens feet, start tappin You
can't hold back when rakim's rappin The
man you've been waitin for rougher, than ever Ladies
and gentlemen put, your hands together [eric

b] "clap your hands" cut and scratched 8x [rakim]
clap your hands Verse

two rakim: I

create em take, em shake, em then, make em clap to this Most
of you rappers can't, even rap to this I
made it faster you, tried to master Syncopated
styles words, flowin after Measures
of metaphor definitions of more than one Take
it both ways I'll, be here when you're done Remember
as the rhyme goes on it's rougher Soon
as I stop you, had enough of Followin
footsteps you, better turn back soon Sucker
mc's suck rhymes like vacuums The
style remains the same the, words is changed Bitten
rewritten, recited, and rearranged Sing
along if your tongue is strong it, gets sore Sing
when I'm gone and it'll break your jaw Wisdom
flows so swift I'm, asiatic Is
it a gift or, automatic Static
I, don't cling I
got a tip of my own and I don't sing Don't
understand here's, an example And
why mc's and dj's sample Cause
we don't have a band it's, just my voice and his hands That's
what hip-hop was it, still stands The
records we use are from mom's and pop's collection Find
a break from a dope selection And
go to the store then, buy one more So
my dj can mix cause that's what his hands are for Years
later hip-hop got contracts The
chance to put actual facts on wax A
mind's the coach the, physical form's the team The
top's the destination I'm, the cream And
still I rise with somethin pumpin and somethin clever Ladies
and gentlemen put, your hands together [eric

b] "clap your hands" cut and scratched (7x) [rakim]clap
your hands Clap... em clap, em Verse

three rakim: Now

who's the man with the masterplan With?
stacks of verbal attacks so clap your hands Rhyme
written in graffiti xeroxed on blueprints Students
influenced are now a nuisance You
couldn't fight it you, had to clap to this You
got excited you, almost snapped your wrist The
rhymes was written for the crowd's enjoyment When
I'm with this you can't toy with The
def jam juicer rough rhyme producer Loads
of lyrics get you loose then, looser The
man so smooth and world so rough Eric
is throwin and sewin rippin restitchin the cuts Microphone
your majesty no, one's bad as me Seems
the tragedy rakim, had to be Thinkin
of some def view of a video Visions
are vicious and, I'll let the city know Whoever's
frontin they know nothin, to say though So
lay low musical, forms are kickin' like kato Don't
get near it hard, as you ever hear it I
know it's fearified but, don't fear it And
try to predict which rhyme you can kick You're
quick to pick your best for, the mic is lit Instead
of goin with the flow like you're supposed to go And
enjoy the show and yo put, your hands together [eric

b] "clap your hands" cut and scratched 6x [rakim]
clap your hands Put... your hands together Clap
your hands Echoes! *
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Put Your Hands Together Lyrics

Rakim – Put Your Hands Together Lyrics