Darkness falls again on the glen
The shadow of the slopes reaches the town
As I was wandering in the forest
A silhouette appeared and I couldn't realize

I felt something strange
I couldn't explain
Her glance was warm and tender
Her eyes so crystal blue

As she show herself
I was struck

She took my hand
She addressed to me:
"Don't be afraid"
I sensed her strenght
I felt so safe, and were not afraid

And I trusted her
I let her lead my way
We passed rivers, creeks
And trails so harsh and wild
Till we reached a place I'd never seen before
We were plunged in light
It was as bright as diamond stone

I fell stunned on my feed
I couldn't stand the light
Her sight, her feelings
Her power flow

When she showed herself
I was struck


And it felt so good
A step from paradise
A sense of warmth and love
Of immensity
I was powerless
In a cloud of light
Blind and still
It was her love for me!

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The Goddess Lyrics

Raising Fear – The Goddess Lyrics