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Zoom/Free Lyrics

Raekwon – Zoom/Free Lyrics

Yeah, let's go
Come on, nigga

I gave y'all niggas half my life, all devoted to rap
Either that or jail, ten seconds flat
But my mind sails, energy grows
It's time to get payed, the rap game threw a nigga on the map
No more walkin' with White, I'm walkin' with Mike
And definitly see things differently, all according to light
Hail all seas, how a fella move
Send a fella shoes, makin' it through
No ridin' bikes, take the blessings and run
Lessons will come, be a dreamer, and everything you wanna fall in the right
Regardless you made yo bed, still stubborn
Listen to Bubba, check the Avince and listen, here's the kite
Happiness is waitin', you gotta think and right the wrong
Don't be a dumbbell, this shit will sink on yo ass
When cash ain't there, you're gonna say damn
I shoulda listened to the chef, he was right
Yo, my man Bub, blow on em

I may be just a foolish dreamer but I don't care
Cuz I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere
I'm searching for that silver lining
Horizons that I've never seen
Oh I'd like to take just a moment and dream my dream
Oh, dream my dream

Oh, shit, so we gon' end this one on you nigga on the great note
Ya heard, ya heard? Ya heard me?
Nah, word to errthing, man
Gracious Tivity right here for you
For y'all niggas, man
It'd been a pleasure
To be so fly, been so real
To go back and flashback
To some of our favorite, favorite fuckin'
Singers, and? Of all time
That's just so much

[Verse 2:]
He shook the dice swell and sclean that em sixes get up
Ninka move, jump into the gooses and groove
Green S with some cream that Mars delicious, god's wishes
Keep chef rich and keep him out the pom kitchen
Blow Asics, 8 cases of Ace of Spades laced kid
High-top Adidas, no laces, bubble spaceships
Blow the Cohibas yo and flex for the fly mamas
Drug jury for the divas with caesars
I'm playin' casanova, get cake, I'm sayn keep it one million
Sway down with blunts at the wayne, yo
Unless that nigga out in Cayman's with his cavemen
Belliot for big belly niggas, you live through the wavemen trigger
Scotch, big rocks, just coolin', people watch - flip it up
Sit there, exclusive with Cok
Truer did God position yourself
Fit the belts of some weird fleer thing
Michael Jordan earring, shawty take a drink and vibe killa
Check the room, it's mad people here, yeah
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