Indian head jewly
Out in egypt with the wrists of fury
Spankin bracelet rockin asics
Trick bandit
Ghost is brick granite
At the us open wit my hole in
Slappin up fifty scramblers
Niggas said the tool was classic
Alotta crackas in the game
But your shit is the only lastin
Cream rap, militant flow
Combination with swahilian dough
Guarantee we does that
In the beast like beats is
All we kno is reefer and street stuffs
Stay fly
Movin in fleeces... What?
Travelin the continents wit confidens
Cuban linx 3 comin
Don't kno when
But the time is coming

(Ghost face killah)
By any means on
Rhino real lean on
Freestyle, you want it from ghost?
Then throw cream on
Suited up smellin like ferenheight wit jeans on
Knock the white outta wedding
Come and get your bling on
Next winter
We in a log cabin
Small baggin
More stabbins
Central park killas
That equals more stabbins
You read the papers?
More horrors like amityville
Profanity kills
You like lint on raggity silk
We buy clothes, rock jewels
You heard the interludes.
Blow up beds in 50 yard swimmin pools
Jumpin outta planes for dough
Gucci parachutes
Abdul raheem written acrross is the attribute.
Suede knuckles, low scarves
My little grandson wants the 2010 marcedes benz gocart
So he can pull out the lolipop keys on em
His pops push the bugatti drop V on em
Stampede on em
Rap playoffs, gotta 3 nothin lead on em
Sparkin mc's like we quotin our degrees on em
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silver rings Lyrics

Raekwon – silver rings Lyrics