Hey, hey my black friend, white friend
Take the dogs, cats and parrots
Call somebody and
Somebody else

Come with me to take around
Together with pilot Yuri
And his small ship
Of two sits, painted by hand
Go squeeze,

Press the belt
Come in everybody,
It's so calm, you can't believe
It's enjoy flying across the space, forget the jobs
Let's near stars, near rainbow and orbits
This is flower year, smile, this is love year

From here
It's all calm, so calm
Water, light, street and small,
Your garden, your simple garden
Boyfriends and little girlfriends
Dad and mother, brother and aunt
Everybody is getting happy
Because the earth is blue

I could not imagine it,
It's all so beautiful
Good-looking, fine looking, precious
It's so lovely, loveful, my little one, I can sing
The earth is blue, the earth is real blue.
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The Earth Is Blue Lyrics

Radiosexmachine – The Earth Is Blue Lyrics

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